Witty the corporate gift with your logo

Witty is a small device that can be customized with your logo, which helps you protect the batteries of electrical devices such as smartphones, tablets and many others.
Fully customizable with your logo.

Over 20,000 customers
Made in Italy
Patented technology
Fully customizable
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You can customize both the device and the packaging to make your Witty even more unique

Customize it for your brand

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How to use it?

Insert Witty between the charger and the charging cable, press the button and enjoy it to the fullest.

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Find out what’s inside your package and learn how to use Witty.

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Witty can be used with all operating systems. It is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows.

Witty has an eco-friendly impact

Fully customizable

You can choose to customize the back of the product with your logo or the packaging with your brand colors, or even both, creating a unique and tailor-made Witty.


What does Witty do?

Witty is a plug-in that protects the battery of your mobile devices.

By automatically disconnecting your device from the power grid once it reaches 100%, Witty prevents your battery from any performance drops throughout time, as well as the harmful end-of-charge voltage.

Why using Witty for your corporate events?

You can choose Witty as a gift for your clients and employees, for corporate events or trade shows. Personalize it with your company logo creating a unique and tailor-made Witty.

What is the delivery time?

Personalization of only the device with your company logo, will take 5 working days from the time of payment to delivery.
If you decide to customize the packaging as well, the delivery time will be 18 business days.

Does it work with a USB type C (small USB)?

Witty is also compatible with chargers equipped with USB Type C.

Access the "Witty type C" page by clicking on this link:


How can i customize my Witty?

You can either just customize Witty with your company logo and chose a standard packaging, or customize both Witty and the packaging with your company logo.

Which devices are compatible with Witty?

Witty is compatible with any smartphones on the market and most of the USB-rechargeable electronic devices.

Witty is not compatible with Laptops, Notebooks and Ultrabooks.

Which Witty should i choose?

To find out which Witty is most suitable for your charger, click on this link


Do you need assistance with your product?

If you need assistance, you can e-mail support@wittypower.com and
add "SUPPORT" followed by your order number to the subject line.

Make sure to include a description of the issue and
our technical team will be at your complete disposal.


Title: ASSISTANCE #8704

Body of email: when pressing the button, the LED does
not light up