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Why does battery efficiency decrease a few months after purchase?

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Once the charge is completed, the device is directly charged through its cable. However, this means that the battery is kept at its end-of-charge voltage (4.35V), which causes an irreversible deterioration of its lithium during the night.

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By using Witty instead, your device is isolated and disconnected from the power grid once the charge has reached 100%. This allows a reduction of the battery voltage to non-harmful values.

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Preventing the battery lithium from being exposed to harmful voltage values for a long period of time is crucial to protect your battery health and, consequently, double its lifetime.

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Three reasons to choose Witty

Witty doubles your battery lifetime

Extend the battery lifetime of your electronic devices from 2 to 4 years.

Witty reduces your environmental impact

Reduce your device's CO2 emissions by 29% each year.

No more daily repeated charging

Enjoy and use your device throughout the day.

Choose the right Witty for you

USB A or USB C charger?

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How to use it?

Insert Witty between the charger and the charging cable, press the button and enjoy it to the fullest.

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Find out what’s inside your package and learn how to use Witty.

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Witty can be used with all operating systems. It is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows.

Made In Italy

Witty is designed, developed and produced entirely in Italy.

Discover Witty technology

Witty has an eco-friendly impact

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Does my smartphone stop charging when it reaches 100%?

All devices with lithium-ion batteries cut off the current flow once they reach 100% charge but maintain the battery at its end-of-charge voltage (at 100%) until the cable is disconnected.
Keeping the battery at high voltages causes rapid wear of its electrodes, which results in a shorter daily duration of the battery charge.

As if, after inflating a balloon, you want to keep
it under tension to avoid it deflates.

My smartphone has optimized battery charging

Apple’s optimized battery charging learns your usage routines and only works if these are regularly met. If, for example, your alarm changes, the optimized charging won’t work.

Which devices are compatible with Witty?

Witty is compatible with any smartphones on the market and most of the USB rechargeable electronic devices. Witty is not compatible with Laptops, Notebooks and Ultrabooks.

How can i use Witty if I have a USB type C?

You can use Witty if you have a USB type C thanks to small adapters that convert USB type C to the classic USB type A, or by charging the device with a 5V charger. USB type C adapters are available on our online store.

Does Witty work with wireless charging pads?

Yes, Witty can read the energy input required by the battery even when using wireless charging, as long as only one device is charged at a time.

However, some wireless chargers are equipped with a LED indicating they are actively working, which consumes a lot of power. In these cases, Witty may not be able to disconnect the device from the power supply and you will need to charge your device using the supplied cable.

What is the difference between Witty A and Witty C?

Witty A works with USB type A chargers (big usb). Witty C, equipped with adapters, is designed for all devices with USB type C chargers.

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