Witty Power

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Three reasons to choose Witty

Witty doubles your battery lifetime

Extend the battery lifetime of your electronic devices from 2 to 4 years.

Witty reduces your environmental impact

Reduce your device's CO2 emissions by 29% each year.

Witty is a made In Italy product

Witty is designed, developed and produced entirely in Italy.

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Overnight charging reduces the battery capacity

When a device is charged for an extended period of time, its battery is exposed to the end-of charge voltage, which is harmful and can damage the battery’s lithium, thus reducing the battery capacity.

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Witty X

Discover a software designed for e-mobility that schedules the charging process based on the user's needs, keeping the battery
in an optimal state of charge and only completing charging when necessary

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Witty SaaS X

Drive your fleet towards efficiency with Witty SaaS X, a cutting-edge software that provides you with a real-time control over your battery fleet and optimizes the battery charging. With selectable modules, you can manage your warehouse processes accurately and efficiently.


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